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Image Shape Style

140x140 140x140 140x140
  1. <img src="..." class="img-rounded">
  2. <img src="..." class="img-circle">
  3. <img src="..." class="img-polaroid">

Heads up! .img-rounded and .img-circle do not work in IE7-8 due to lack of border-radius support.

Image Shake Style

<span class="imgshake"><img alt="" src="/portals/14/carou-img1.jpg" /></span>

<div class="imgshake"> <img alt="" src="/portals/13/carou-img1.jpg" /> </div>
    <div class="fancybox_style">
	  <li> <a rel="group" class="fancybox" title="Exciting Title!" href="/Portals/13/fancy01.jpg"> <img alt="" src="/portals/13/fancy01_thum.jpg" /><span class="img-overlay"> </span> </a></li>
	  <li> <a rel="group" class="fancybox" title="Yup, More Text.." href="/Portals/13/fancy02.jpg"> <img alt="" src="/portals/13/fancy02_thum.jpg" /><span class="img-overlay"> </span> </a></li>
	  <li> <a rel="group" class="fancybox" title="Yelf Up." href="/Portals/13/fancy03.jpg"> <img alt="" src="/portals/13/fancy03_thum.jpg" /><span class="img-overlay"> </span> </a></li>
	  <li> <a rel="group" class="fancybox" title="Bonjour!!" href="/Portals/13/fancy04.jpg"> <img alt="" src="/portals/13/fancy04_thum.jpg" /><span class="img-overlay"> </span> </a></li>
	  <li> <a rel="group" class="fancybox" title="Exciting Title!" href="/Portals/13/fancy05.jpg"> <img alt="" src="/portals/13/fancy05_thum.jpg" /><span class="img-overlay"> </span> </a></li>
	  <li> <a rel="group" class="fancybox" title="Yup, More Text.." href="/Portals/13/fancy06.jpg"> <img alt="" src="/portals/13/fancy06_thum.jpg" /><span class="img-overlay"> </span> </a></li>


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